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Amba is a digital wellness coach mobile application, a technology that provides you with relevant education, tips, and resources you might find useful as you begin your treatment journey.

This digital wellness coach is meant to provide you with support, encouragement, and connect you with a nurse or pharmacist from your specialty pharmacy provider when needed.

Educational Support
Amba can provide tips, resources, and information that are tailored to you based on your treatment journey.

Support With Your Medication and Lab Appointment Reminders
Amba can provide reminders and information about taking your medication and important reminders about your lab appointments.

Symptom and Side Effect Tracking
Amba will check in with you on how you are feeling each day and ask if you are experiencing symptoms, or side effects related to your medication.

Wellness Goals
You will be able to set up your own wellness goals and receive tips and educational resources that might help you with these goals.

Patient Summary
You will be able to view self-reported symptoms, side effects, and when you took your medication, which you can share with your doctor and support network, if you choose.

Connect With Your Support Network
You will be able to share your milestones with family and friends, if you choose.

Amba is offered only to patients on a Pfizer medication who have opted in to the program through their specialty pharmacy provider.

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